Calne Wordfest
19. The Harris Factory Women

Much of this area along the river was formerly occupied by the C&T Harris Bacon factory.

The Harris bacon factory began as a small butcher’s shop in 1770 and developed into a business that sustained the economy of Calne
from the 1840s until its closure in 1982.

C&T Harris meat products became internationally famous and were dispatched around the world. Although several generations of Harris men built up the business, three women are vital to the Harris story. The early butcher’s shop was opened and run by Sarah Harris, awidow with a ten year old son John. When John died, aged only 31, his wife Ann managed to keep the shop in profit and in her will left money to help her sons continue trading. When John jnr. died in 1837, his wife Mary kept his business going until her sons were old enough to take over. These three strong women need to be acknowledged forthe important role they played at such crucial stages.

Harris Factory before demolition, from the Don Lovelock

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